Southpaw EP

by Elora

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released February 1, 2016

Produced by Matt Mollo
All songs written and recorded by Elora.
Additional Vocals on "Sheep's Breath" by Sho Blunderfield and Dorian Pintaric.
Artwork by Sho Blunderfield.

Elora is:
Ethan Oviatt
Craig Davidson
Warren Davidson
Nathan Suik
Jimmy Bunker



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Track Name: The Andy Dwyer Effect
We speak in antiquated tongues
Far from sophisticated
A struggle unrequited
I radiate exhaustion
Can't make up my mind.
Together at all times.
Our disheveled skin and bones
Converge now, on our floor
A happy flicker
Together at all times.
Spend the afternoon
Festooned in each others limbs.
A happy flicker.
The best kind of distraction.
Together at all times.
Track Name: Jesus Take The Wheel
I'm in a sea of green, a pool of guilt I'll never feel.
I still get nervous, just not about you.
It just seems that I've misplaced what little confidence i had.

Breathe deep, a sigh of relief, once you're finally free of me.
Jesus take the wheel.

I'm in a sea of greed, a pool of guilt you'll never see, and thats fine with me.

So give a light, that brings my skin to life.
Or maybe not.
Maybe one is enough.
Track Name: Resignation
Crows feet dangle over the edge of the bed
The wrinkles on reach in towards my lips
As though to breathe ash and dust into my tired lungs.
Damaged goods, weathered and worn.
Useless ligaments paper thin.
Tear it down and start again.
Weave another miracle
Destroy the web
Tear it down, start again .

Smiling to himself with every flick of his arthritic wrist.
We are not so different.
Tear it down and start again.

What is it I'm missing?
A messenger of things to come?
Once enamoured, now forgotten.

When deaths eyes meet with mine, I calmly take his hand and I oblige.
Track Name: Sheep's Breath
This place is rarely sun soaked
Even when it is its bitter, jaded.
Bright out of some sad routine.
It's mundane.
I'm used to it
Its almost grown on me
That's not a good thing.
Transforming, unhappy.
Even when it is its bitter, jaded Just like me.

I have a heart of gold, that's why I move so slow.

Much to my dismay
I'm never sun soaked.
If I was, its faked.
I've got a glimpse though, I've had a taste.